I’ve finally decided that Tuesday’s will now be my upload days along with every other Sunday (due to work). I’m super excited to get this blog started and hopefully see it grow over time!

So today, I received a cute little package that I’ve been waiting on forever 😴. It was the Lime Crime velvetines liquid matte lipstick. I’ve been so excited about this order coming through and now it’s finally here I can do my first impressions/review on it.

shade: wicked
I got this lipstick in the shade wicked (which is a little out of my comfort zone) but I didn’t realise just how dark it would be. 


This lipstick was so easy to apply and has the nicest smell. Oddly enough, it smells like the kind of lipgloss you would get in magazines as a child. The applicator is exactly the same as a traditional lipgloss one which makes it fairly easy to use and it only takes a few seconds for the liquid to turn matte, great! 

However, once the lipstick is on the lips and turned matte, it feels extremely tacky which I was quite disappointed with. For me, it feels like I have chewing gum stuck on my lips, forcing them together! It also makes my lips feel ridiculously dry. 

For the amount of money paid (£13.95) I’m not as impressed with the product as I thought I would be. I will give it a week and see if my feelings towards the lipstick changes, but for now, it’s a no from me.


Question time: what’s your all time favourite/go to lipstick? 

Happy Tuesday! ☺️

– Jess